Rip It: Energy Drink – Citrus X

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One of the weirdest things to collect in the modern world has to be energy drink cans. Much like the craft beer phenomena, that is sweeping the country, energy drinks are everywhere and in many different styles. I am not calming to be any kind of expert in the field of chemical induced soft drinks but I have tried a few. It took me awhile to even want to drink one unless I had no other choices. Most of the time I prefer water but when you need a jolt of caffeine quickly these work well besides just downing caffeine pills. My brother used to collect energy drink cans and I thought it was totally awesome. He has a pretty big collection. I don’t intend to actually keep the can this time around but if I see something interesting or just need my caffeine fix I might do more reviews of them.

Up first in this series is Rip It: Energy Fuel. I will admit the puke yellow can does not really call to me to down the citrus inspired drink. Who passed the color check for this can? Maybe they had problems at the printer or somebody named Joe messed up the printing. I am sure Joe just blamed it on the intern but none the less this can looks like some gross puke. I hope it tastes better than it looks.

The word rip it, to me, sounds in a way like a horrible drink. One that you can’t stand to taste in your parched mouth, that must be downed as fast as possible hence the rip it and drink it statement going through my head thinking of this drink.

Why is it called citrus X? Well the only thing I can think of is that it did not pass the safety or quality standards of higher class energy drinks. Ok, I am sure it’s just some fancy marketing term from a survey telling the PR people to say X in the name. Enough of this design talk, how does it taste?

Well this part might be a bit un-professional sounding as I can feel the full blast of caffeine hitting me now as I write this review. One of the problems with these cans is that there is in-fact 2 servings per can, but how many actually just drink have the drink at once? Yes, if you are raising your hand right now you are in fact being a jerk, ok just kidding but hear me out. Nobody just drinks half the can and throws it away unless you are made out of money in that case you probably won’t be buying these. Ok anyways, two servings per can = a hell of a lot of caffeine. It has 100mg per serving of the go-go stuff in it.

The large amount of caffeine is disguised in a tough powered texture in a construction orange color. I feel memories of happy meals at McDonald’s while drinking this drink. That is the taste I am sensing or as if somebody make kool aid of nothing more than 20 packets of the stuff and no sugar. The drink is very sweet tasting however yet something is a bit off in the flavor department. The previous thought of rip it and drink it is coming back into my head. You can’t really sip the drink because it’s like scraping sand paper across your tongue and the only way to relive it is by more drinks.

If you don’t like the taste of artificial orange juice such as Sunny D then you won’t like this drink very much. I do have to say it tastes better than that weird bright yellow drink however. I got this can at the Dollar Tree for well of course 1 dollar plus CRV. The expiration date makes it exactly a month late of when I reviewed / drank it. So far nothing has happened or fallen from my body, all good signs!

Rip it is made by the company that produces Faygo brand of soft drinks so it naturally is sold in places that sell Faygo. I would not recommend this drink first based on taste. I think there are much better ways to get energy with better taste then this. I would dock it another notch for using high fructose corn syrup in the mixture. The best thing I can say about this drink is that it makes me want to venture to hamburger land for an awesome not sad meal. I hope they don’t have Barbie this week.

Let me know what you think if you have tried this one out.

Cost: B – $1.00 + CRV. Dollar Tree Stores – A little more than sugar water should not cost more than a can of soda.

Fun Value: CIt’s like an advent calendar, you never know what you are going to get with these.

Pro’sCheap price.

Con’sHigh fructose corn syrup.

Final Rating: D+A lackluster drink that will be easily forgotten in the sea of energy drinks


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