Star Wars: Anakin to the rescue?

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Sometimes you buy things that you really don’t know what to do with. Then other times you get something you really cherish and cannot live without, like a coffee maker! I don’t know what the reasoning was going through my head was when I got this toy at a garage sale other than it was only one dollar. I got two other Anakin figures that were just like this one. I got rid of the other two, thankfully.

When I bought the figures I thought sure I can easily re-sell these things! Well to my surprise, it’s almost impossible even to give these toys away. If you do a search on the internet, yes the thing you are on right now at work instead of well working, then you will find these don’t hold much value anymore. In fact they are pretty much worth the dollar I paid for them. On a side note, there are way better ways to waste time at work then reading this blog, just sayin.

I had this figure now for over a year and it’s been collecting a hefty amount of dust. I got it from a rather large and in charge biker guy that loved going to thrift stores. I was happy with my purchase but now don’t know what to do with it. I decided that instead of giving it away to a thrift store that will resell it for 5 dollars or 10 as a “collectible” I will just open the damn thing, mainly for the stand.

The problem with re-selling this figure is that it’s a rather poor figure. It has no emotion, it has no heart, much like the movie it’s based on. In some ways the 1st of the prequels was the most “star wars” of the new ones but let’s not get into that, I don’t want a flame war on here.

I never really cared for the Episode 1 figures. I thought they tried just a bit too hard like those all in one exercise machines. Well one cool thing is the “comm tech chips” that were included in this series and I think a few others. If you had the reader you could play some clips from the movies. I am sure this was awesome if you were 5-10 years old. This figure comes with a backpack and a grease gun. Wow, that is totally what I would want to play with if I were 7! If it was a grease gun from WWII then it might up the excitement level but it sadly is not.

The backpack is very suspicious, I wonder if it fully loaded with some dangerous items, not school related. I think the reason why Anakin turns to the dark side is revenge at his teachers for making him carry so many damn books. They never explained if he went to school or was home schooled did they? I bet he was home schooled, those kids are always super nice and super spooky.

This action figure sucks, sorry to say it, sorry Anakin fans, and sorry Star Wars fans. But it’s true. He has a lifeless Barbie doll expression on his face which might match the school boy look he is molded in but it does not scream Star Wars, more looking like a small Ken Doll.

After opening the figure I am happy that now I have a stand for a much better star wars figure to stand upon. Just be warned if you collect things, don’t focus on the price, collect something that means something or you might end up with your very own Anakin figure one day!


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